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Welcome to Vauna Chocolate

The Art of Chocolate

In our pursuit of the finest chocolate, we traveled Fiji far and wide to source the most flavorful cacao.  Our hand-picked cocoa beans are recognized as being world class. So, we know we have the best tasting cocoa beans even before we craft them into the finest award-winning artisan chocolate.

We are a Fijian craft chocolate organization and cocoa-obsessed farmers, using chocolate as a force for good in our community. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to source award winning cacao face-to-face from over 500 organic farmers and transform it into award-winning chocolate right here at origin in Fiji.

About Us

Chocolate with (real) conscience.

Founded in 2018, Vanua Craft Chocolate is a vertically integrated social enterprise producing specialty cocoa and craft chocolate at origin in Fiji.

Our mission is to use absurdly tasty chocolate as a tool for creating local jobs and sustainably improving incomes for smallholder cocoa farmers throughout Fiji.

Vanua’s journey in chocolate was born out of a deep desire to build a sustainable supply chain, serving the craft chocolate market with premium Fijian cocoa while positively impacting thousands of households. Our obsession with quality and sustainable development quickly gave way to building our own bean to bar factory here at origin, where our team of young Fijian chocolate makers and chocolatiers produce Vanua’s full range of chocolate products – from bars and bonbons to couvertures. By using locally sourced ingredients and inclusions, our aim is to bring the unique flavors and culture of Fiji to the world through chocolate.


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